Almost Home

Since I haven’t posted a blog during my time in the Dominican Republic, I’m doing the next best thing. OK, the next easiest thing.

Here’s a link to an email interview Jaymee Sire of CSN did with me.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Anyone else making plans for a spring training trip?




  1. Sierra Wilson

    Thanks for checking in, sounds like you have found your swing again! But it sure will feel great to go home and relax. Can’t wait until you are playing in SF again!
    ♥ Sierra Wilson

  2. Ryan

    We’re planning on heading out from Santa Barbara for a few days mid-March to catch a game vs the A’s. We came for 2 days last year and had such a great time we’re going to make it 5 days this year.

    Enjoy the DR

  3. Sarah Abrams

    Some friends and I are definitely heading down to Arizona from the Bay for some ST games. Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the team play again! Best of luck, always!


  4. BigRay

    Hey Brandon,

    My two sons met you at a signing in Santa Clara last year. My sons are the two  boys who had one of every baseball card with you on it, and asked if you could select one of the cards to autograph. This was the highlight of their day… We drove up to SF afterward, and watched you play.

    Seeing you,,, my older has crossed a line off the bucket list,  a list he doesn’t even know he’s going to write yet.

    My older son wears his oversized Belt jersey , that you signed, to his little league practices (just started). He wore it all summer and insisted we not wash it, afraid of losing the autograph.  The kids, my wife and I will be in Scottsdale March 7th for 5 days watching three games and going to the player dinner. Would love a chance to say hello again, but if not, we will raise a toast to a good first season for you, and less time on I5 between Fresno and SF.

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