A visit with Brandon the baby giraffe – Brandon Belt

Here a few photos from our visit today to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to meet Brandon the baby giraffe just born last Friday.


Brandon Belt meets baby Brandon the giraffe

Brandon and Brandon

Snack time

Brandon and Haylee Belt with President of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Dale Kaetzel, and baby giraffe Brandon

Mama giraffe Makali with the Brandon and Brandon


Ok…I’m not usually such a sap…but that baby giraffe has to be the CUTEST thing ever!!

This is just tooooo cute!!! I’m glad you went to visit your namesake 🙂 Too precious! Have a great day off with Haylee!

This is actually the Best Thing Ever

This is super awesome.

This is so cute! I can’t wait to go to six flags and meet Brandon!

Baby G with Baby G – now let’s win some games. #SFGiants

This could possibly be the greatest moment in MLB history. Seriously.


this is so cool! hopefully this makes up for some of the whiplash you’ve had to go through so far this season! Good luck in September! we all believe in you! 😀

OMG – I’m usually not the sappy type, but that is so freakin’ cute!

This is so freakin awesome. This pair could not be any cuter!

This is a great sign for Brandon and the Giants. We’re so glad u r with us, and it is so great you have a baby giraffe and the hats are all over the park. Ur a special guy for sure!

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Brandon and Brandon are both too cute in these pictures. What a fun opportunity- hope you and your lovely wife both enjoyed it!

This is so cute. I just love giraffes and the Giants!

If anyone has ever seen anything cuter than this, they are lying!! ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
♥ Sierra Wilson

Unreal! Hope you had fun with (giraffe) Brandon & a good trip to Napa!

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