Hurt — But Appreciating the Bigs: Brandon Belt

I have a cast on my wrist now to make sure the fractured bone doesn’t move. We’ll do a CT scan next week and hopefully go back to a splint for another week. Then I hope they give me the OK to get back on the field.

One thing all the veterans tell me is to be patient with an injury. The worst thing you can do is start playing again before you’re healed. Then you end up doing more damage and you have an injury that won’t go away.

In the meantime, it is so great to be back in the majors. Big difference between the majors and Triple A – which you really notice when you’ve been back and forth like I have.

In Triple A, we get up at 3 or 4 in the morning to catch a commercial flight for a road trip. It’s usually on a small plane, so when you’re as tall as I am, there’s no sleeping. And you have to be careful to keep your luggage under 50 pounds. Sometimes you go right to the park. Or you might have a few hours of down time at the hotel. But it seems you’re always tired when you’re on the road.

In Triple A, you get $25 a day for meal money. We eat a lot of burritos at Chipotle’s. In the majors, you get more than $100 (I can’t remember exactly how much), so you can eat wherever you want.

But here’s what I like most about the big leagues: the water pressure in the showers. The water pressure is outstanding. You get clean in half the time.

Haylee flew into St. Louis to meet me during that road trip. I’ve always wanted to go to St. Louis because it’s such a great baseball town. And I wanted my wife to go with me. The ballpark there is awesome. The whole atmosphere. And that team. They have so many great players that I grew up watching. Pujols. Berkman. Holliday. Then you add the guys we have on our team, and you’ve got a lot of stars on one field.

Back here in San Francisco, after the day game on Sunday, Haylee and I drove to San Jose to see my host mom, Stacy Hanel. I lived with her from April to July last year when I played Single A. She made us dinner then we watched the movie “The Town’’ (with Ben Affleck) and spent the night. She really is like a second mom. We formed such a bond that she came to our wedding in Texas late last year, and we always keep in touch. I was the first player she ever hosted. (I kid her that every player after me is at a disadvantage because I set the bar so high . . .)


Thanks for reading. Feel free to write me with questions!





  1. Andrewrew

    Brandon, I really enjoy reading about the backstory that happens while on the road with the team (flying, meal money, etc…). Perhaps you should write a blog post about what you guys do on your downtime and such. It’d be an amazing read!

  2. Michael Loveridge

    I hate to say it, but I was hoping you wouldn’t get called back up until you had another chance to play out in Salt Lake so I could watch you play in person. But, I’m also glad you’re back where you want to be, even if it’s not quite the way you’d like it. Good luck with the healing process – and don’t beat Buster at Texas Hold ‘Em too often.

  3. Chris

    Hey Brandon, I’ve become a big fan of yours and I can’t wait til you’re healed and back in the lineup!

  4. Shelbee Claypool

    You are my favorite rookie for this year and I knew it right when I saw you play and make that hit in the first game of the season in the dodger stadium! Hope you get well soon! Keep writing I love to hear about the bigs(: and I will be getting a jersey with your name on it! Just consider me one of your biggest fans (:

  5. Samantha B.

    Brandon! I’m so glad that they put you back in the major leagues. I was way bummed when I heard that you were sent back to Fresno, (on your birthday nonetheless.. on our birthday actually, 4/20 babies!). But anyways, I hope the healing process goes well. Certainly looking forward to reading more of your blog posts, but more importantly can’t wait to see you play again! xo

  6. kristi

    Love your posts and love the way you guys are playing right now. Finding a way to win, not worrying about trying not to lose.
    Take care of that wrist, can’t wait to see you back out there!

  7. ramredcat

    Brandon, it was a joy watching you play in Fresno, and I wish you the best of luck now that you are back in the Bigs. You are a fantastic player, and, as evident by your blogs, a fantastic young man. Take care of yourself and your wrist!

  8. Lefty

    You’re a good writer. But it seems like people who write this blog have a 100% chance of getting a wrist injury!

    Just kidding. Keep up the good work, and I hope you and DeRo feel better soon!

  9. Marco Lepe

    Great to hear from you Crawford, I can’t wait until you’re playing with The Giants every day. As a player with an injury, what do you do to keep in shape and on top of your game?

  10. Andrew

    Hi Brandon,
    Great post! As an outsider, it was nice to get some idea of the little things that players deal with in moving back and forth between the major league and minor league. If you could do so while still keeping it “G” rated for the youngsters out there, could you discuss what rookies normally have to do as part of their hazing process? Is it simply picking up the dinner tab and carrying bags, or does it get crazy? Also, who on the team has been your biggest influence so far?


  11. Tania

    Hey Brandon,
    I am really loving your blog posts. It sucks that you’re hurt right now but hopefully you’ll heal well and be out there again soon. I was just wondering, do any of the guys on the team (yourself included) have any quirky pre-game rituals?
    Anyway, keep these awesome blog posts coming because they are really a good read and get well soon!!!

  12. Lisa Marie Grant Matute

    Hi Brandon! Thanks for teaming up w/Mark to do this blog. It really does give us fans more of an insight as to what you guys go through especially going up & down from AAA to the bigs.
    My daughter & I went to Spring Training for the first time this year & I’ve got to tell you was super excited to watch you play.
    You see I’m a hairstylist (nice to know your Mom is one too) and one of my dear clients is a shirttail in-law of yours. He is your mother in law’s first cousin. He is actually going to one of the games we’re (Giants) playing in Oakland next week and was pretty stoked to see you play in person. Oh well, he’ll get to see you in person one day. :-/
    I think you’re a great player & give it your all every step of the way. I guess I’ve become a “Belt” fan as well! Take care and heal well. We wanna see you back out there!
    Thanks again!

  13. Katelin

    Thanks for writing Brandon! It has been fun following your blog. I agree with Andrew, I’d like to hear some of the hazing stories. I forget which team it was but I saw on MLB network that one team makes their rookie carry around a Justin Bieber back pack. Also, who was your favorite baseball player when you were growing up?


  14. Sofia

    Hope you have a speedy recovery, can’t wait to see you back out on the field!
    I really enjoyed your blog, it was very interesting hearing about your days in the minors vs. Majors and the difference between the two. I hope you continue to blog, you are a great writer!
    I have two questions.
    1)when you are at bat how do you feel about crowd noise? Does the cheering pump you up, or is it a distraction and if so how do you deal with it?
    2)When you played in little league, at what age was it apparent you had what it took to make a career of it? (I am a mom of 3 boys who play baseball)
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!

  15. James Banfield

    Brandon, its nice to hear from you personally. It gives us fans a chance to hear from the Guys on the Team that WE root for. I have been a fan since 1958. I’ve seen McCovey, Cepeda, Jt Snow a bunch. You are right up there with them. Get with JT cause he was one of the best of the best. Get well soon we definitely miss you in the line up.. James from South Carolina. (My seat at ATT Park was normally the second row right in front of Where Nen would warmup to go in and relieve. I miss going to the games but We get to watch you guys play on MLB on my computer. That’s fun. I get to hear Kruk and Kipe broadcast the game every time. Now that is being back home. .

  16. Jimmy Pacini

    Thanks for the post Brandon. I actually got the chance to meet you right after you got sent to Fresno. It was at the Clovs Rodeo and you were so great to talk to, thanks for that! I wanted to know what you thought of my home town? How did we treat you while you were and what do the other guys think of it in the Central Valley?

  17. Sierra Wilson

    That’s so kind of you to take the time to write this!! Did you grow up a Rangers fan being that you’re from Texas? How did you react when the Giants had you adjust your batting stance? Do you feel like there’s less pressure to bat .300 since the rest of the team is batting .250 and below? What’s been the reaction from your hometown? What’s your favorite kind of food? It’s so great to have you on the team! You’ll bounce back from this injury no problem! Can’t wait until you come back! I love you!
    Sierra Wilson

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